Mori no Soraniwa

Spacious beach using natural Onsen with 1,500 sq. meter area.
Direct connection to the Grand Bath with full of granite.
Enjoy natural Onsen at the Onsen resort with varieties of bathtubs, hinoki bathtub, open-air bathtub, waterfall showers, sauna, etc.


Morino naka no Onsen Beach

Morino naka no Onsen Beach reminds you in tropical beach with 1,500 sq. meter area.
Yacht, Jacuzzi, slide, and other playground equipment are prepared, and enjoyable for adults and kids.
Enjoy the new sense of beach with your swimsuit on.

Bathing available 7:00~21:00
Rental swimsuits Adult 700 JPY ( 649 JPY net of tax ) / wear Child 500 JPY ( 463 JPY net of tax ) / wear
※Cleaning time 9:00 to 10:00



Open-air bath

Grand bath is designed with full of granite. Relax in the spacious and beautiful area.
with the view of Nature of Kita-Yuzawa in season through windows

Grand Bath “ He e suisha”

A large bathroom is the total Mikage structure. A large beautiful hot spring relieves the tiredness of the heart and the body.
The scenery of north Yuzawa every season can also be faced from through a window.

Open hour Open 24 hrs.
Open hour
※Dried sauna for men and Mist sauna for women are available


In-house heated pool “Sui ma ni”

Real 25 full length of heated pool.
Direct access from the dressing room to the pool.

Open hour 7:00~21:00


Free shuttle bus service for 2 Major Onsen Tour

Shuttle service with “Yumeguri-GO” Bus departs every 15 min. allows you to enjoy our Onsen at “Mori no Soraniwa”, and “Horo horo Sanso” with in-house Yukata, “Yu-patcha”. Shuttle departs at the entrance of each location. Click here for details. Operation hours 8:00 to 22:00.

※2 Major Onsen Tour is only available by taking shuttle service. Other transportation such as car, walking, are not allowed for your safety.



One-day Bathing

Open hour 10:00~14:00
14:00~21:00(reception by 20:00)

      School Children:250JPY
  Infant:Free of charge
 ●14:00~21:00(reception by 20:00)
      School Children:400JPY
      Infant:Free of charge

■Charge for 2 Major Onsen Tour■
 Adult : 1,000 JPY ( 925 JPY net of tax )
 School children : 500 JPY ( 462 JPY net of tax )
 Infant : Free of charge
Rental towels 200 JPY ( 186 JPY net of tax )

※Open hour may be changed during the period of Year end, New Year, Bon season, and holidays. Please check in advance.
※The reception counter for one-day bathing on B1F is in operation by 18:00.
※After 18:00 to 20:00, available at the front desk.
※Bathing is available by 21:00.

Characteristics of Onsen

Type Simple thermal hot spring(alkalescent・hypotonic・High Temperature Spring)
Effect to Neuralgia・Muscular pain・Recovery from illness・Health enhancement
Spring temperature 80.6℃
ph 8.7
  Water added Re-heating Circulation Discharge Chlorinated
Grand Bath × ×
Aerial View Open-Air Bath × ×

AQUA QUA (Sterilizing system using electrolization)

For your better comfort, we focused on “the quality of Onsen water”.

Our mission is to serve you Onsen with quality.
For your better comfort, we focused on “the quality of Onsen water”. Sterilizing Onsen is essential to enjoy.。
However, sacrificed with its smell by using sodium hypochlorite.
We finally found that “AQUA QUA” is the system holds “quality” and “comfort”.


What is AQUA QUA ?
AQUA QUA is the first onsen water using slight acid-electrolyzed water generated by electrolyzing hydrochloric acid; commonly used in Food industries. Sine the effect even at low density, it is approved as food additive by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2002. Also passed by laboratory test with no toxic, slight acid-electrolyzed water has attracted a great deal of public attention for microbe decontamination.Experience AQUA QUA with excellent sterilizing power, less smell, harmless to human body and Onsen ingredients, and Nature friendly.

3 special features of AQUA QUA